Episode 1

The Disappearance

Two childhood friends, Rebecca and Dmitri, go out to Faraday Lake outside of Estacada, Oregon to catch up on an October afternoon. One minute everything is fine, the next minute they are gone.

Later Rebecca returns, but Dmitri is still missing. When she gets back to Portland, everyone questions what happened at the lake and whether she had any involvement in Dmitri’s disappearance. Rebecca tries to assert her innocence, but hesitates to tell the truth about that night.



Two Moons

Rebecca reflects on the abduction. She's calm, but a sense of dread fills her stomach as she remembers how they got taken. She tries to piece together what happened and comes to a horrifying realization. 


mini Episode 1.5


Episode 2


Officer Warren begins to investigate the case. He question Dmitri's mother, Olga, and tries to tease out what actually happened that night but Olga is distraught over the disappearance. 

Warren moves on and continues to search for leads. Suddenly, a call in tip has the officers scrambling to respond to the latest lead in Dmitri's disappearance. 



Cheryl and Mac

Officer Warren is a creature of habit. he goes to the same diner every day and order the same thing. In this episode, Officer Warren goes to Mac's diner and talks with Cheryl and Mac about the latest developments in the Dmitri Ivanovic case.


Mini Episode 2.5


Episode 3


Olga, Dmitri's mom, struggles as she misses Dmitri. She seeks comfort from Rebecca's mom, Kathy, but find herself worried about Rebecca's possible involvement in Dmitri's disappearance. 

To make matters worse, she gets a phone call from the police about a break in the case. A terrified Olga goes to Faraday Lake to watch the search. 




Rebecca takes to the internet to find other abductees that might have information on where Dmitri went. Immediate responses flow in from her Reddit post about Dmitri. Most are garbage, but one tip sticks out. She follows the lead which takes her to a trailer park in Washington to interview another survivor. 


Episode 4


Mini Episode 4.5


While sitting in a cafe doing research, Rebecca gets an unexpected visitor. They go to a nearby hideout to talk. 



Mini Episode 4.7


Rebecca goes to Cheryl and Mac's diner to do research on Officer Warren and where he's at with the case. 



Episode 5

Paul, Part II

Paul tells Rebecca what he knows about otherworldly beings and they bond over their shared experiences. Paul then goes into the details about the situation that hit close to home. 



Mini Episode 5.5

Dr. Hornstein

An autopsy is performed on the body that was found in the lake. Dr. Hornstein, a specialist at OHSU, performs the autopsy for a class of medical students.  




A flashback to when Martin and Deborah Raxton worked for ABI and were in charge of performing tests on human subjects. 


Mini Episode 5.7


Episode 6


In the season finale of Husk, Rebecca returns to where it all began. The clock is ticking and things set in motion cannot be undone. 



An update from the studio about the status of season 2. It’s coming soon!


Season 2 update

Morrison’s Backstory

Officers Morrison, Gina, and Warren go out for a drink after work.

Episode art by Crisco Becerra




Anaconda, Montana

After the season 1 finale where Dmitri returns, Rebecca finds herself driving towards Anaconda, Montana. While Rebecca continues to drive, her parents are starting to put the pieces together about where she is back in Portland.

Episode art by Joshua Fox (@jfox720)

Credit Music: “Firing Line” by Corrine Sharlet off her forthcoming debut EP. Follow her on FB at or on Instagram: @corinne.sharlet. Follow her website for news about her latest shows and releases:


Season 2,

episode 1


Season 2,

episode 2


Kathy struggles with both Rebecca and Martin leaving for Anaconda. She thinks about what led her to this point in life and wonders if there wasn’t a better way to live her life. She ends up speaking with an unexpected visitor… 

Meanwhile, Olga is becoming suspicious about what Kathy does and doesn’t know. 


Season 2,

episode 3

Ghost Town

Dmitri wanders around Anaconda and takes in the sights while he waits for Rebecca to arrive. If it weren’t for the cold and the toxins from the old mines, the town would be cute.

Martin remembers what it was like when he first joined ABI as he continues to drive towards Anaconda. 

Episode art by Kivett Bednar (@kivettbednarart)


Season 2,

episode 4


Officer Morrison wakes up in his hospital bed after being shot at the end of season one. He is disoriented and concerned about what happened in the woods. Warren and Gina pay him a visit and try to fill him in. 

Rebecca and Dmitri begin to catch up and discuss the Husk. 

Episode Art by Crisco Becerra. Follow him on Instagram @criscobecerra.


Season 2,

episode 5

A Year

Dmitri recalls what it was like to be taken by the Husk. He reveals a big secret to Rebecca while sitting at a restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Officer Morrison gets some troubling news and asks for a favor from Officer Warren. 

Episode art by Kivett Bednar (@kivettbednarart).

Guest monologue written for Gina by Anita Clark.



Mile High, Mile Deep

Rebecca and Dmitri discover that they haven’t been flying under the radar quite as much as they’d previously thought. They hatch a plan and commit to getting to the bottom of the Husk/ABI link. 

Morrison and Warren have a tense discussion about the case. Episode Art by Crisco Becerra. Follow him on Instagram @criscobecerra.