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On a brisk fall day Dmitri Ivanovic and Rebecca Dale go out to a favorite forested spot to reconnect with each other over a couple of mushroom sandwiches. As the high sets in, Rebecca and Dmitri are taken. When Rebecca comes to in a loamy crater with Dmitri missing, she knows something is terribly wrong. Everyone around her is trying to grapple with Dmitri's disappearance and an investigation is launched. While Rebecca is the main suspect, she wrestles with the otherworldly truth of Dmitri’s abduction and how to get the help she needs to get him back.


Website: huskpodcast.com

Email: info@huskpodcast.com

Download/Subscribe: The show is available directly through the website and through most podcast platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify.

Schedule: Husk season two will premiere on July 31st, 2019. Husk releases episodes every other week on Wednesday.

Facebook: facebook.com/huskpodcast

Twitter: @husk_podcast

Instagram: huskpodcast


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Cast and crew

Husk is written, directed, and produced by Sean Abplanalp and Emma Brown.

Sean Abplanalp is a writer, actor, and musician from Portland, Oregon. He has published three books: Animals in Hats for Adults, Animals in Hats for Kids, and Hot Veg (All available on Amazon). When he’s not working on Husk, Sean enjoys gardening, performing his original music, and growing mushrooms. He plays Dmitri in Husk.

Emma Brown is a writer and marketer from Portland, Oregon.  When she’s not working on Husk, she enjoys Magic: The Gathering, reading 19th century Russian novels, football, and searching for the trashiest TV show ever created. Emma plays Rebecca in Husk.