MINI EPISODE 5.7 Martin/Dr. D

[Machinery sound, buzzing]

Patient: Stop! No more! Please! Please!

Martin: That’s it! Deborah, I can’t do this anymore. We need to end this experiment. It’s not working and he’s hurt.

Dr. D: Martin, we have to keep going. These results mean everything.

Martin: No, this is wrong, Deborah. He wants us to stop. I’m not even sure he’s going to make it at this point even if we do stop. Where is your compassion.

Dr. D: The protein synthesis depends on successful completion of this phase. We can NOT stop now. Besides, if he’s that far gone, we need to make sure that his sacrifice doesn’t go to waste.

Martin: But what if we can save him?

Dr. D: But what if we could save hundreds of thousands of other people, Martin? Just think about the motto of ABI: “Marching forward towards a better tomorrow.” Do you want to march forward or do you want to stand still, Martin?

Martin: March forward, I suppose. But shit let’s at least put him under so he’s not suffering.

Dr. D: Can’t put him under. We need his cognitive function at full. Finish this experiment and help us move into the future.

Patient: I’m a father, I have three kids. Don’t do this to me. Please. Please.

Dr. D: Don’t listen to him. All the subjects get stressed at this point. Keep going.

Patient: Please! Please… please… I’m begging you. Please stop.

[Fade out of lab scene and into bar noises]

Martin VO : It was always like that with Deborah. She pushed and pushed. Always looking to forward the progress over everything else. She was determined to get her breakthrough at any cost. Still, she was brilliant.

Martin: Whiskey. Neat.

Bartender: What kind?

Martin: Whatever you’ve got. Leave the bottle

Deborah: Drinking here all alone?

Martin: Deborah, what are you doing here?

Deborah: Same thing you’re doing. I need to take the edge off. Mind if I join you?

Martin: Go right ahead.

Deborah: Could I get a beer. Whatever you have on tap is fine.

Bartender: Open tab?

Deborah: Yeah.

Martin: [sigh] How do you do it?

Deborah: Do what? You just order a beer and then you drink it… we’re not talking rocket science here, Martin…

Martin: No, you know what I mean. The endless test subjects. I can’t get that man’s face out of my head.

Deborah: Just don’t think about it. Remember how many lives you’re saving. How you’re moving the human race forward at a breakneck pace.

Martin: But if none of this works that’s eight months getting the experiment just right and... I just don’t know. If we got a single calculation wrong that man’s whole sacrifice would have been a waste.

Deborah: But we didn’t.

Martin: How can you know that?

Deborah: We got the first results in. We’re ready for more trials.

Martin: More… more people?

Deborah: Stop framing it like that. You’ll just keep sending yourself into a dark place. We are that much closer to a cure and that matters.

Martin: Yeah, I guess so.

Deborah: Drink your whiskey, you deserve it.

Martin: [Sigh] Yeah, I don’t think I do.

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