[Door opens, diner sounds]

Cheryl: Hey there, welcome in. Sit down anywhere you like.

Rebecca: Thanks.

Cheryl: What’ll you be having?

Rebecca: Coffee. Black. You’re Cheryl, right?

Cheryl: Mhmm.

Rebecca: You know… Warren?

Cheryl: Office Warren? Yeah, I know him. Who’s asking?

Rebecca: Rebecca.

Cheryl: Hmm… Why should I tell you anything about Warren? He’s a good guy. How do I know you’re not some crazy stalker or something?

Rebecca: If I were a stalker, don’t you think he’d have me arrested by now? No, I just need some information. I think he’s getting tangled up in something he shouldn’t.

Cheryl: No, he’s got a good head on his shoulders. But if he’s in trouble, you spill it.

Rebecca: No, you first.

Cheryl: Promise you’re not a stalker?

Rebecca: Promise.

Cheryl: Ok, like what? He comes in here everyday – gets the same thing. A scramble and a big mug of coffee. Sits right here at this counter. Is that enough for you? What do you even want to know anyway?

Rebecca: Does he say anything or talk to you?

Mac: Order up! Cheryl!

Cheryl: One minute, need to stop by a couple of tables.

Mac: Hey you! What do you want with our Warren?

Rebecca: Wanna make sure he’s okay.

Mac: Okay? He’s great. Comes in, tells us about his cases. Nothing confidential of course - I don’t want to be getting him into any trouble, he just shares little details. Interesting line of work he’s in.

Rebecca: Has he mentioned anything lately?

Mac: A new case. Big disappearance or something. Some kid went missing over at the lake and they’re trying to find him. Apparently his boss is really putting him through the grinder on this one. They’ve been working round the clock on the thing.

Rebecca: Do they know where he is?

Mac: The kid? No. No ideas.

Cheryl: Okay, what’d I miss?

Mac: Just telling her about the kid that went missing the other day.

Cheryl: Oh yeah, Warren’s on that one. My bet is that they’ll find him out glampin’ in the woods nearby the lake pretty soon. They always do.

Mac: I dunno. Sometimes it takes 20 years for these things to crack.

Cheryl: Nah, Warren says Morrison’s pretty obsessed with this one. Stays up all hours of the day and night trying to track new leads. Always on his cell phone. Why are you so interested in Warren?

Rebecca: Just heard he was working the case. I went to school with the kid and just got curious, that’s all.

Mac: That makes sense. They don’t seem to have much on anything, just trying to track him down. He was into some weird stuff.

Cheryl: [Suspiciously] If you know anything though, sweetie, you should go to them and tell them. I think anything would help them at this point.

Rebecca: Noted. I’ll let you know if I think of anything.

Mac: That’a girl.

Cheryl: More coffee?

Rebecca: Nah, I’m good. I’ve got the jitters.

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