REBECCA VOICE OVER : I’m in a hospital bed. Warm and safe. I think. My brain is grappling with this. Warm and safe and scared shitless.

[Theme Music]

NARRATOR: You’re listening to Husk.

REBECCA VOICE OVER: …And scared shitless because this is not my home. I can’t move. I’m not tied down or restrained as far as I can tell, just so heavy that I can’t lift a finger. The whole room is fuzzy. I can’t quite focus my eyes on anything. To the right, I make out Dmitri hooked up to some beeping machine. He’s not moving but it’s making a steady beep that doesn’t seem too more or less routine. All I can manage to do is turn my head. I look out left to a domed window across a city of spires. To see the moon in the pink afternoon. Two moons.

I’m definitely not high anymore. I don’t feel high. It’s been too long anyway. The psychedelic attention to detail, when you can find the universe in a glass of OJ kind of mindset is gone. My mind is clear. I wish my mind weren’t clear, that would be a lot easier, but my mind’s clear.

I stare out the window, fully accepting the dream. I have a tendency to do that. If I can breathe underwater in a dream I never actually question it.

I turn from the window. The machine next to Dmitri’s bed goes wild and the light flashes. The hum of equipment is overtaken by footsteps approaching. I still feel the conflict of frightened comfort. But then they walk in. These figures, bodies. I-I don’t know. Hopefully doctors. And they just stand around Dmitri and look down at him. No one says anything, but they bring in a new machine and it buzzes this low frequency. Whirring. They take great care to roll Dom on his side and wheel the machine up next to him. The monitor stabilizes and my mouth gapes like a fish as my thoughts swim around trying to make words. I can’t get them out. I don’t know if he’s OK. If I’m OK.

One of the doctors gives me a nod, as if that was going to reassure me about this whole being attached to machines while starting at two moons situation. I try to nod back. He walks over and assesses the screen next to my bed. I can’t make out his face, I can’t make out any of their faces. The heaviness of my body seeps up into my mind and the two moon sky blurs to black.

DMITRI: Rebecca, if you can hear me, go to It might be the only way to find me.