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Sean Abplanalp

Dmitri, Co-Creator

Sean is a writer, actor, and musician from Portland, Oregon. He has published three books: Animals in Hats for Adults, Animals in Hats for Kids, and Hot Veg (All available on Amazon). When he’s not working on Husk, Sean enjoys gardening, performing his original music, and growing mushrooms.

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Emma Brown

Rebecca, Co-Creator

Emma is a writer and marketer from Portland, Oregon.  When she’s not working on Husk, she enjoys Magic: The Gathering, reading Russian novels, football, and searching for the trashiest TV show ever created.

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Duke Murrdodge

Officer Warren 

Duke loves acting on camera and in theater, and also does voice acting. He lives in Vancouver, Washington and travels to work between the U.S. and Canada. He is a lifelong learner and is currently working on his handstands, French grammar, and performing with foreign accents.


Skye Stafford


Mostly seen on stage or screen, podcasting is a new venture for Skye. She is pleased as punch to join the cast of Husk and wants desperately to know, have you seen Dmitri?


Matt Woodman


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Cosmo Spada


Cosmo is an actor, writer, and director from Newberg, OR. He graduated from George Fox University with a Bachelor's in Cinematic Arts. Currently, he works as a videographer at a digital marketing company. In his downtime, Cosmo enjoys making movies, petting his pugs, and riding on his hoverboard. Just like his character Mac, Cosmo wishes to one day have a diner named after himself.


Ashleigh Elfering


Ashleigh Elfering is an actress, singer and writer. She studies at Actors Lab and lives in Portland. She has been in a feature, short, web series as well as music videos. In her spare time she enjoys playing the guitar and loves animals.


Austin Hatfield


Austin is an actor, voiceover artist and model currently based in Portland Oregon. He is a member of Kristina Haddad's Actor's Lab, and has produced his own radio drama: Tale's From Hell's Kitchen. In his spare time he enjoys singing karaoke, practicing yoga, and attempting to combat his peanut butter addiction.


Caitlyn Trullinger-Dwyer


Caitlyn is a 25 year-old with a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology. She likes improv comedy, painting, camping, and playing Magic: The Gathering and DnD. She was born in Eugene, raised in Portland. She works in behavioral neuroscience at OHSU.

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Anita Clark



Cle Odell


Cle is an actor and student born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. She is currently living in Portland with her pug, Pendleton. Recent work includes a student film and creating content for her YouTube channel.

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Jody Brassfield


Jody will sing karaoke with you.